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What does a photovoltaic system consist of?

What makes up a photovoltaic system?

Take a look at a photovoltaic kit and its components.

Photovoltaic modules

The main part of a PV system is made up of photovoltaic modules, commonly known as panels or solar batteries. They change solar radiation into direct current.

Power inverter

To power devices in our home or office, however, we use alternating current, which is why we need an inverter. It converts DC voltage to AC voltage to power home appliances. In order to prevent unnecessary losses, it is advisable to implement protection devices in the system. Thanks to them we do not have to worry about damaging the equipment due to overvoltage or feedback.

Solar cables and wires

In order to connect the PV system’s components we will need appropriate cables and wires. For example, photovoltaic modules are connected by solar cables, resistant to harsh weather conditions. The photovoltaic installation should also be sturdy and durable. This is ensured by the use of well-chosen structural components.


A PV system can be additionally equipped with optimisers, which are useful if the modules are partially in shade. The optimisers help to increase the efficiency of the photovoltaic system.