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How to prepare for the photovoltaic inverter installation?

Preparing the photovoltaic installation in a few steps

Installing a solar inverter

A solar inverter is an electrical device that operates continuously. Its installation and connection to the system requires the same safety measures as when installing electrical equipment. Installation of a solar inverter is a job for two.

1. After removing the packaging, inspect the unit to ensure that none of its mounting parts are missing and that none of the parts are damaged.

2. Before installing the solar inverter, be sure to read all instructions and warnings on the descriptive plates located on the inverter and read the appropriate sections of the equipment’s manual.

Inverter installation location

Select the location for installation of the photovoltaic inverter. The installation place must meet the following requirements:

Inverter mounting choice

The solar inverter must not be installed in the vicinity of combustible construction materials or in areas where people are present as the solar inverter may make noise.


Installation on a hard surface in a vertical position.

Pollution degree PD2

The room must be dry, free of excessive dust (pollution degree PD2) and have adequate air flow.

Indoor installation

Solar inverters are only installed indoors (IP 20 rating).

Ambient temperature

For optimum performance of the device, the ambient temperature should be between 0°C and 40°C, the relative humidity should be in the range of 5-85%.

Integral components — availability

The integral components of the inverter (fan, AC and DC switches) must be accessible. Also, the cooling component should be exposed.

Assembly preparation

Before starting the assembly, make sure that the unit is turned off. The AC switch and the DC switch should be in the off position. When connecting the inverter to the grid, be sure to turn off the power. It is especially important to make sure that we have the proper connection cables in order to connect to the grid.